As a passionate supporter of Australian business owners, I provide services which will help you achieve success in your business and your life.

These include Coaching, Practical Assistance and Myers Briggs Personality Type tools for personal development.

To help get you started you’ll find lots of useful information right here on my website. And if you just have one burning question or need my help right now, then jump to my contact page or connect with me via Facebook or Instagram.

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A little about me.

newMy name is Maria Ramsay and I want to help make things simpler, easier, more effective and ultimately more enjoyable in your business and your life.

Everything doesn’t have to be hard work, in fact the most simple solutions are often the most successful ones.

Unfortunately though, we don’t often take the time to discover what these solutions are or consider that it’s possible to do things a different way. And no single approach fits everyone.

The key to being successful is finding approaches and strategies that match you as an individual, and when you do you’ll be surprised at how easy everything becomes.

It’s my role to help you uncover these approaches and strategies and remove any mental barriers to your success.

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My Services

A little about what I do.

Coaching Sessions Coaching Sessions

@reconnecttonatureCoaching sessions provide an opportunity to look at your business objectively, explore ideas and work through challenges.

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Practical Assistance Practical Assistance

@reconnecttonaturePractical working session – For working on a specific business item such as organising office processes to developing business and marketing plans.

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Understand Yourself Understand Yourself

@reconnecttonatureCertified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step I & Step II – Finding out more about yourself and how you interact with others is key to your personal and professional development.

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Tips for Working as a Team

Tips for Working as a Team

Posted on Jun 5, 2019

Whether you manage staff in a business or work with colleagues, understanding how to interact effectively with each other is key to getting tasks done and making it an easy process for everyone. However, sometimes our individual preferences for how we work and what we need in order to complete a task can vary and […]

The Important Practice of Following Up

The Important Practice of Following Up

Posted on Apr 30, 2019

When a business has effective and consistent followup processes in place it ensures that new clients are moved seamlessly through the buying cycle and that every client who contacts the business receives the appropriate response in a timely manner. However, this is also an area that can be missing a formal process and when it […]

How to Create Perfect Processes

How to Create Perfect Processes

Posted on Mar 28, 2019

When the processes in a business flow seamlessly from one step to another and are integrated with each other, they can help the business function optimally and make the most of every opportunity. Well thought out and integrated processes can save precious minutes in the day, prevent mistakes happening (or items being missed) make it […]


A few words from my clients.

- Maria took me on a journey

Maria took me on a journey that rebuilt not only my business and it’s structure but enabled me to redefine my role, goals, purpose and direction in life. Can’t thank her enough.

Larni Dupuy – Personal Mortgage Adviser – Smartline

- Maria’s coaching has guided my transition into a new industry

Maria’s coaching has guided my transition into a new industry and given me the confidence I need to succeed in business. Without this coaching, I dare say I would not be on the same path as I am on now and could indeed have found myself out of my dream industry.

I highly recommend taking the opportunity to speak to Maria and see how she could assist your business.

Matt Jukes – Personal Mortgage Adviser – Smartline

- I needed a “health check” on how I was operating my business

I needed a “health check” on how I was operating my business. I approached Maria off my own bat, but with a sense of reluctance, which I’m pretty sure she picked up on in the first few minutes.

Maria helped me confirm some things that I already knew about myself and my business. Most importantly she helped me address what was holding me back and then put some systems and procedures in place to make things happen in a consistent and ongoing way.

I have recommended Maria to others already because she helps you achieve tangible outcomes.

Mark Ellard – Personal Mortgage Adviser – Smartline