m2My name is Maria Ramsay and I want to help make things simpler, easier, more effective and ultimately more enjoyable in your business and your life.

Everything doesn’t have to be hard work, in fact the most simple solutions are often the most successful ones.

Unfortunately though, we don’t often take the time to discover what these solutions are or consider that it’s possible to do things a different way. And no single approach fits everyone.

The key to being successful is finding approaches and strategies that match you as an individual, and when you do you’ll be surprised at how easy everything becomes.

It’s my role to help you uncover these approaches and strategies and remove any mental barriers to your success. I will be an objective input into your business and life, share my knowledge and experience, get you thinking in different ways and help you uncover your own valuable insights and ideas.

Believe me you have all the answers already and it’s my role to help you see them clearly, so that life starts to become a wonderful adventure rather than a big drag.

Part of this includes working out whether the goals you have chosen are really the ones you want. Sometimes we choose goals to please others or that we feel we should, rather than the ones that really get us excited and leverage off our strengths. I know this is something I’ve done in the past and it was a huge revelation to me how easier life became, when I dropped all that baggage and got clear about what was important to me.

Let me show you a different way, a way that will help you uncover the things that truly make you happy, so that you can position yourself for success in everything you do.

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I’m looking forward to connecting with you very soon and in the meantime here’s to enjoying success and happiness in your business and your life!


Career Background

Maria has owned and operated her own coaching business since 2010 and has been working in this capacity with business owners since 2008, initially as part of an employed role with Smartline.

Prior to commencing her own business, Maria spent nine years in the mortgage broking industry. In 2001 she joined the WA state office of Mortgage Choice and worked in roles which delivered business development, marketing, training and administration support to its franchisees. Achieving two Extra Step Awards (in recognition of effort above and beyond the call of duty) as well as the 2005 National Staff Service Excellence Award (in recognition of high levels of service to the franchise network) were personal achievements during this time.

The move to Smartline in 2007 to take up the WA State Manager role, provided an opportunity to further develop management and recruitment skills and work with a new group of mortgage brokers (as a result of the merger between Smartline and Mortgage Force in 2009). In 2008 she completed training with Results Coaching Systems and coached franchisees within the group before making the decision to commence her own coaching business.

Before working in the above roles, Maria managed a successful family business for three years and is very aware of the opportunities and challenges facing business owners. As a result of her career and training background, Maria specialises in coaching small to medium business owners and their staff.

Believing strongly in delivering excellence in her own role through constant professional development, Maria holds a number of qualifications: Master of Business Administration (Curtin University) Bachelor of Arts (English) Diploma of Freelance Journalism (Australian College of Journalism) and Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance / Mortgage Broking).

In addition, she holds Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step I & Step II Certification and is a Fellow of Finsia.