Are You Happy?

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

This may seem an odd question to ask, but it’s an important one when you are aiming to create a life that you enjoy and achieve your goals.

When you are in a positive mindset anything becomes possible and working towards your goals becomes exciting rather than hard work.

So how do you get into this “happy” state of mind and stay there?

1. Use strategies to make life easier – Finding the quickest and easiest way to do something you dislike, will stop it spoiling your mood. Which strategy works for you depends upon your personality type and what motivates you. As a very simple example, I fit household chores (like unstacking the dishwasher, getting the washing in, etc) into the advert breaks of a favourite tv show. This works because I know it will make the advert breaks go quickly (which I find hard to sit through) it gives me a timeframe to complete an item that I can procrastinate on and it’s now become a personal challenge to see how much work I can complete in this short period of time. Batching something enjoyable with something not so enjoyable is one strategy. You can also use other strategies such as motivating yourself with the promise of something fun (when the task is completed) or you can do the difficult tasks when you’re at your most productive (for some this is doing it first thing in the morning). These are just a couple of examples, but the trick is to use your knowledge of yourself to try some new strategies and see which ones work for you.

2. Do the things you love more often – When we’re not in a “happy” place we can trudge through life procrastinating on the things we find difficult and feeling guilty spending time on the things we love. However, it’s actually the things we enjoy that can give us the positive energy we need to move through the rest of our tasks. Make sure you have at least one thing (no matter how small) to enjoy every day and if you can add in more of them even better! This could be anything from reading a favourite magazine, exercising, eating a nice meal, planning your next holiday, spending time with the family etc. and you may vary what you choose each day. Book these items into your diary and remind yourself that doing this helps you achieve more (it will also make you happier too).

3.  Change your self talk – It can be very easy to listen to the negative things we tell ourselves. It can stop us believing we can achieve the goals we set and steal the positive energy we need to carry us through to the end. Be mindful of what you tell yourself and understand that ultimately this negative self talk isn’t helping you. Understandably it can be difficult not to listen to this negative internal talk and sometimes you need help with changing this. If you are struggling to see things objectively, do yourself a favour and seek help from someone skilled in this area.

4. Approach things differently – We’ve all had plenty of experiences where we dread having to do something. In the lead up it tends to consume our thoughts and we often procrastinate as a result (making it even harder on ourselves). Changing your perspective on something can make it easier and this includes how you refer to it with words. We all have emotional responses to words based on our personal experiences and one word which isn’t significant to one person is loaded with meaning for another. For example, the word “meeting” may conjure up images of long unproductive sessions for someone and by using this word as one of the actions for a goal, it will immediately create a mental barrier to them doing it. Equally if you have struggled with certain tasks in the past then asking you to do them again to achieve a particular goal (even when the goal is exciting) is also going to bring up mental barriers. Finding a different way to describe and approach these types of tasks is key to helping you move forward. Again you may need objective input to help you clarify these mental barriers for yourself and create new successful approaches.

5. Get around happy people – Happy people can help lift your mood, so make sure you have people like this in your life and in your business too. They can also help balance out the negative personal interactions in your life and their impact on your level of happiness.

6. If you are truly unhappy – If nothing you try or none of the tips above helps to improve things for you then it’s time to consider making some changes. Firstly, seek some objective input from someone you trust or a professional to make sure you are seeing things clearly and have considered all the options in your current situation. However, if you then still decide it’s time for a change, commit now to making that change and improving your enjoyment of life – life is much too short to be unhappy in it.

When you are in your “happy” place it’s amazing what you can achieve and how easy it can feel as well. Try the tips above and don’t settle for anything less than enjoying your life and business!