Are You There?

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

Do you sometimes wonder if your clients are reading the group emails you send?

Do you sometimes feel that they don’t value what you send because they’re not responding?

And does all of this this make you start to reconsider whether you should send them at all?

These are all understandable thoughts, but as long as you consider carefully when and what you send, you may be surprised how valuable your communications are, even when your clients don’t respond.

Consider these points:

1.  Not everything you send will suit everyone (unless you target a specific group) so get comfortable with the fact that they may read your subject title quickly and delete it. You don’t have to provide information to suit everyone all of the time, just make sure you have clear subject titles, so that your clients can easily decide whether it’s relevant to them or not.

2.  Even when you send something that doesn’t suit your clients, they may still forward it onto someone else who would appreciate it. Remember that group emails are not just about communicating with your clients, it’s also about getting out to their networks.

3.  An email from you will always remind them of you and it may be all the prompt they need to give you a call. Just be careful not to use this as reason to email them too often, otherwise you may risk becoming a nuisance and being unsubscribed.

4.  Be aware that your clients will often hold onto your emails in their inboxes (as a prompt for them to call you) or will save this information for when they need it in the future – so you may not always get an immediate response as a result.

5.  Your clients expect you to stay in touch with them. When it comes to the product or service you provide, you are the expert and they expect to hear from you whenever you have new and useful information – in fact they rely on you to do so!

Receiving responses to your group emails is encouraging and understandably it can be very disconcerting when you don’t receive them. However, regardless of the response rate, make sure you stay in regular contact and continue to prompt for new business opportunities. As long as you’re being mindful of what you send and when you send it, try not to worry about whether they respond or not – chances are they are reading your email right now!