Coaching sessions provide an opportunity to look at your business objectively, explore ideas and work through challenges.

Coaching isn’t about telling you what to do, it’s about working together to achieve your goals in a completely confidential environment.

Sessions are either face to face or via phone as appropriate and at the end of each month an invoice for sessions completed during that month will be emailed to you.

Single coaching session

A single session on whatever topic you need help with (and if you need more help you can simply book further sessions).

$150 plus GST for an hour’s session

12 week coaching program

Focuses on three goal areas (as per the Results Coaching Model).

$150 plus GST (per hourly session each week for 12 weeks) for a total fee of $1800 plus GST

Customised coaching sessions

To address certain areas in your business or help you stay on track after the 12 week coaching program. Sessions can be arranged weekly, fortnightly or monthly for as long as you need them.

$150 plus GST per hourly session

Staff coaching

One on one coaching sessions are available for individual staff in your business. $150 plus GST per hourly session