Find Your Business Voice

Posted on Nov 1, 2011

Communicating the value of your business can sometimes be a tricky thing to get right. Unfortunately, it’s just not as simple as listing the features of your product or service. In addition, you need to convince potential clients to choose you and not your competition.

If your business is doing well, then you’re probably already defining this effectively. However, it’s always worth considering if there might be a way to improve this area – particularly if you want to increase your revenue or change target markets.

And if business is a bit slow at the moment, it could also help you turn things around.

So how do you find your “business voice” and communicate the value of your business to attract potential clients?

1.  Know your competitive edge
Feedback from your existing clients is essential to understanding why people choose to do business with you. If you receive testimonials then use them to discover what’s valuable or ask your clients directly – if only to confirm your own impressions. Pay attention to any unusual comments, as they can often highlight useful items you were unaware of and you may be surprised at what you discover!

2.  Know who your clients are
Who you are, where you’re located and what your business offers are all things which will attract certain clients. Look to your existing clients to understand what types of people are naturally drawn to you and your business. Are you making the most from your current clients, are you attracting the target market you’re aiming for or are there undiscovered opportunities lurking in your database? Your business voice needs to reflect not only your business but also the people you’re aiming to attract.

3.  Say it clearly
Once you know the value of what you offer and who you want to attract, say it simply and clearly. Use everyday language and avoid terminology. Potential clients won’t think better of you if you use big words or complicated imagery – it will just be confusing. Think of the best ads you know – it’s the simple ones which work. Use you own language and speak from the heart. I’m sure you’re in business because you believe in what you offer – let this shine through. Passionate people are not only a joy to deal with but they are also good at attracting people to them.

4.  Be consistent
Once you’ve developed your approach ensure you’re consistently communicating and delivering this in every part of your business. For example, if your marketing says one thing but your delivery doesn’t match it, it will confuse and potentially lose clients. If you think you’re not objective enough to identify inconsistencies like this, then ask someone you trust to give you some honest feedback.

Lastly, and just as importantly have fun with finding your business voice. Defining the value of your business not only makes you more effective at promoting your business but it should also make you proud of what you do and have achieved so far – and that’s something to shout loudly about to everyone!