How to Stay Inspired

Posted on Dec 21, 2015
How to Stay Inspired

If you are beginning to feel a little stuck in your life or business and uninspired about the year ahead, then it’s often hard to know what to do to improve it.

However, it’s completely normal to feel like this periodically (even when you know you have a lot to be thankful for) and it’s also a useful prompt to reinvent your life and business, so that you can start achieving some new things and become inspired again.

Here are some ways to do this:

Shake up your routine
Regular patterns of behaviour can be useful in dealing with ongoing tasks but they can also become very tedious when we do them over and over again. Consider the activities you do regularly and make some small changes (e.g: change the way you go to work, the places you shop, the music you listen to, the time you get up in the morning or when you go to bed at night, how your office is organised etc). This will help make life feel less rigid and freshen your perspective (which is important for keeping you mentally open to new ideas).

Imagine what you’d do if you were retired
It’s hard to think clearly when the pressures of your current life are distracting you. Take yourself mentally to another place and ask yourself what you’d do if you were retired? Write down everything you can think of without analysing whether you could do any of it now (or you will limit your brainstorming). Then leave this list alone for a couple of days before looking at it again with fresh eyes. More than likely you will discover that you can do some of the items now (with a little creative thinking and planning) and it will help you become inspired again.

Get back in touch with YOU
We adopt roles as we move through life (i.e.: business owner, partner, parent, etc) which is a good thing, however, sometimes this can also mean that we lose sight of who we are and what we enjoy. Take a moment to think back to the younger you and if there is anything you wanted to do or have stopped doing (that you would gain value from) consider incorporating it. Additionally remove those things in your life that no longer suit you (e.g.: memberships of particular groups, ways of workings, items you no longer use, etc).

Identify what’s annoying you
The little annoying things in your life can often be the most distracting (e.g.:. when the tools in your business aren’t working effectively, there’s a stack of paperwork to get through or some simple maintenance jobs to do, etc). When you don’t deal with them they can consume your thoughts and make life feel a whole lot harder. Have a think about the things that nag at you and consider ways to remove them. For example, I’ve recently closed down a number of my online accounts and memberships that I was no longer using. Although there are apps to help manage this information, for me personally, not having so many usernames and passwords has freed me up mentally (and again this is important for keeping your mind free to take on new ideas rather than being cluttered up with distractions).

Challenge yourself (and do it regularly!)
We become very good at what we do and very comfortable in it (which can make it challenging to try new things). Periodic challenges help freshen our thinking patterns and provide a positive sense of achievement. If you haven’t challenged yourself in awhile then it’s time to do so and you should make it a regular practice every year. It could be anything from mastering a new skill, spending time with some new people or changing the way you do things.

Seek objective input
Seeking objective input from someone you trust, is key to expanding your thinking and uncovering new strategies. This can help move you to the next level in your business and provide you with support as you try new ideas (or help tweak them if they don’t go to plan).

Make a plan
Whilst right now you may be feeling that you need a change, it can be very easy to slip back into the old routines without a clear new direction. Once you’ve decided that it’s time to refresh your life and business, develop a plan and start doing it!

Staying inspired helps you stay competitive and successful, it also makes life a lot more enjoyable. Life has so many wonderful possibilities and opportunities for us to learn and achieve. Make this New Year the perfect excuse to shake things up a little and get inspired again!