I Can’t Do It

Posted on Oct 27, 2016
I Can’t Do It

We can spend a lot of time telling ourselves that we can’t do something and listing the many reasons why. Sadly we can sometimes be our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving something new. And it can be difficult to overcome these negative thoughts and stay motivated when your mind is full of them. So what can you do about it? Here are some things to consider:

1. Acknowledge that you will have these thoughts. It’s perfectly natural that it seems a little daunting when you’re aiming for something new and that you’re having doubts about your abilities. However, rather than pushing these thoughts to one side acknowledge them and recognise this is just part of the process for you to get ready for your next challenge.

2. Sort through the negative thoughts that are coming up and ask are they valid? For example, one thought might be “you’re not trained to do this”. It could be that some training would help you reach your goal and if so do it. However, if you realise this is just fear placing a barrier in your way then tell yourself it’s okay to feel this way but you don’t need to let it stop you.

3. List down all the reasons why you CAN achieve this new thing. This will help counter the negative thoughts you’re having and prove to yourself that it could be possible. If you find this too difficult to do on your own then find someone who can give you a more objective perspective and help boost your confidence.

4. Ask yourself whether you really want to achieve this new thing. Sometimes we can feel obliged to achieve something new to appear a certain way to others (or ourselves) but if you honestly don’t want it why are you stressing yourself out about achieving it? Maybe there’s something better you could be aiming for or maybe you’re just happy not achieving something new at the moment (and that’s fine too).

5. Don’t be afraid of failure. Sometimes all the reasons we come up with for not trying something new is a way of protecting ourselves from something we may fail at (i.e.: it gives us a valid excuse not to try it) but do you really want to miss an opportunity to shine? Even if you do fail then at least you can stand proud knowing you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and tried something new. Nothing displays more courage than when you try something you know you might fail at and don’t forget, just because you failed this time it doesn’t mean you can’t try it again or be successful at something else.

When you’re ready to try your next new thing and the “I can’t” thoughts start whirling around in your head and stealing your confidence, just remember the points above and then give it your best shot. Whatever the outcome I salute you for having the courage to try as that’s an achievement in itself!