Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions provide an opportunity to look at your business objectively, explore ideas and work through challenges.

Coaching isn’t about telling you what to do, it’s about working together to achieve your goals in a completely confidential environment.

Sessions are either face to face or via phone as appropriate and at the end of each month an invoice for sessions completed during that month will be emailed to you.

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Practical Assistance

Practical working session – Some additional ways I can assist in your business are as follows:

  • Create a business or marketing plan
  • Develop marketing activities
  • Put together a job description
  • Make your office processes efficient
  • Develop a client communication plan
  • Other items on request

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Personality Type

Certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step I & Step II

Finding out more about yourself and how you interact with others is key to your personal and professional development.

MBTI Form Q is made up of 143 questions and is a detailed report of 17 pages.

Instructions are emailed to you to complete an assessment online and then a session is booked to discuss the results. Your report is completely confidential.

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