Prompting for Referrals

Posted on Mar 28, 2018
Prompting for Referrals

It can sometimes feel a little awkward to ask others to promote your business so here are some easy ways to do it.

Put it in your communications

When you’re communicating with clients no doubt you’ve probably also added them to your mailing list and are regularly emailing them information. If this is the case then you can include a prompt for a referral at some point in these regular emails to continually encourage them to share your information (eg: “If you enjoyed reading this newsletter please share it with your friends and family.” or “Our business is built on wonderful people like yourself referring us to their family and friends, so please let us know if we can assist someone you know”.)

Include it in the sales process

If your service or product requires a number of touchpoints throughout the sales process then you can include a line at the bottom of the emails to continually prompt in a subtle way throughout the process. Or you may like to do this with more impact and include it in the body of the information right at the end (eg: We’ve really appreciated the opportunity to assist you with X. If you know of someone else who would benefit from our service then please please pass our details on so that we can assist them too.”)

Add it to your business card

If business cards are something you hand out often to clients or business connections then it may make sense to add a referral prompt so that every time they pick up your card they’re reminded to think of others who could use your product or service.

Add it to your marketing material

If you send regular marketing material out to clients or hand it out during the sales process then this is another place you can include a prompt.

Ask for your clients help

Periodically you may like to consider asking for new clients (eg: “Happy New Year to our valued clients! We are looking forward to working with you again this year and if you know of anyone else who would benefit from our service please share this post with them as we’d love to assist them too!” or be more direct “To all our valued clients. We currently have only X places left in our X class and want to give priority to your friends and family. If you know of someone who would be interested please share this with them today so they don’t miss out”.

Encourage sharing on social media

Social media is a great place for people to share content easily so aim to post items that people will share and don’t forget to prompt on this too (eg: “We wanted to let you know some important information about X and make sure that you share this with your family and friends too”).

Prompting for referrals works best when you do it regularly and by building it into the processes above it’s an easy way to ensure that it happens (especially if you find it difficult to do this face to face with your clients). The examples I’ve used above are examples I’ve created to get you thinking but make sure you tweak the wording to suit your style and business as that’s when it works best. Here’s to lots of new business coming your way!

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