Spring Clean Your Business

Posted on Oct 7, 2014

Your home isn’t the only thing which may need a spring clean at this time of the year – more than likely your business does too!

And before you get caught up in the end of year wrap up, use this opportunity to clean up those items which are consuming your time and not advancing you towards your goals.

Here’s your Business Spring Cleaning Checklist:

1.  Are you attending events or networking groups that don’t result in new business or help you do your job better? If this is the case, it’s time to stop doing them and/or consider some new options.

2.  Do your current marketing activities deliver new business and/or spread awareness of your product or service? If not, it’s time to revise them. Remember that the only marketing activities in your business should be those which are working for you.

3.  Are there processes or paperwork which could be streamlined or removed? These items may have worked in the past but if they don’t work now (or satisfy a compliance issue) get rid of them – you have enough paperwork to manage!

4.  Do the tools in your business help or hinder your business progress? Is it time to upgrade an item you’ve been putting up with but isn’t really working anymore? Never underestimate the value of the right tools which will ensure you deliver your product or service effectively (as well as being less frustrating to use!).

5.  Are your suppliers still effectively supporting your business or are there other companies who may be cheaper and more effective? It’s always worthwhile taking the time to look at whether the businesses you work with still provide the most suitable and cost effective option.

6.  Do your business referral partners still support your business by helping to promote your product or service to new clients? If not it may be time to refresh the relationship (with a much needed catchup) or introduce yourself to some new people who can help to grow your business.

7.  Are you holding onto physical items that are out of date and no longer serve a purpose? Sell, donate or get rid of any items that are cluttering up your workspace.

8.  Are you holding onto information that you haven’t looked at in a while? More than likely it’s now out of date but if you are still struggling to let it go, consider where you could find it in the future if you needed it (i.e.: internet, business contacts) and if necessary scan it and store it electronically (so at least it’s not cluttering up your workspace).

9.  Do your branding and promotional items still work for your business or are they in need of a refresh? Remember that no matter how well something worked in the past, all promotional items need updating periodically. Keeping your fonts and styles in line with the latest marketing trends will help you stay current in the marketplace and continue to attract new clients as a result.

10.  Are there services or products your business offers that are no longer being used by your clients? Make sure you’re not supporting a service or product that nobody needs or wants anymore – place your focus instead on providing and delivering the products and services that people are using (and you are being paid for).

Spring cleaning your business should be something you do at least once a year to stay on track with your goals. Do this and you will feel organised, focused and ready for that much needed break at Xmas. In the meantime Happy Spring Cleaning!