Stay Consistent

Posted on Apr 9, 2013

Never underestimate the value of consistency in your business. It is vital for the following reasons:

– A business which delivers a consistent level of service will build trust and loyalty in its clients, resulting in repeat and referral business. This means being available to clients, returning calls in a timely manner and delivering a consistent product or service so that clients know they can rely on you. A business which does not do this, risks presenting an image that it doesn’t care about its clients and/or is simply disorganised.

– A business which presents consistent branding in all communications and marketing, will ensure that its brand is effective at building recognition and trust in clients. This means all stationery, marketing and merchandising should show the exact same logos, colours, tag lines, etc in order to convey a professional image and highlight clearly what the business offers. A business which does not do this, risks presenting an image that is confusing and/or unprofessional.

– A business needs consistent internal processes to deliver a high level of service to its clients. Internal processes should include effective routines and checklists that prevent items being missed and ensure services or products are delivered on time and as promised. A business which does not have these in place, risks its ability to deliver on its promises.

– A business needs consistent ways of interacting with clients. This means ensuring that all staff are given the training and instruction to deliver the same high level of service, using the same approaches regardless of which staff member is assisting the client. Guidelines like this will ensure that even if a new staff member is recruited, the high level of service will be maintained. A business which does not have this in place, risks damaging the initial good impression it created and the value of its service can become too dependent upon which staff member is assisting the client.

– A business needs consistent marketing to continually generate new business. A good marketing plan can address this easily. The best ones are broken down into daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks and will ensure that you are constantly working at generating new business (without spending lots of time on marketing). A business which does not have a consistent marketing plan will risk income opportunities, its ability to manage clients during fluctuating activity levels (e.g.: insufficient staffing during busy times or excess staff when things are quiet) and may overspend on the marketing budget in a panic to generate new business.

In short, a business that stays consistent will stay successful. How does your business score in terms of consistency?