I whole-heartedly recommend Maria Ramsay

Posted on Feb 7, 2015

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” is a proverb attributed to Buddha, so maybe I was destined to meet Maria Ramsay.

Back in January 2012 I visited my local library and borrowed a ‘self-help’ audio recording because I was sure I needed it. Outward looking in, my life was seemingly going along OK.

Good health, a loving wife, three well-adjusted kids, a business that always managed to pay the bills. Despite this, I always thought I was capable of much more. I could run a better business, I could be a better Dad and husband, I could be a better friend, I could be wealthier, I could be happier. I could do all these things, but how?

That first recording was by business coach Stephen Chandler and it got me thinking, ‘Where would I be in 10 years?’ With this thought motivating me, I developed an insatiable appetite for learning and undertook to continue reading, listening and learning. This selfimprovement journey was one I had started in my life several times previously. Unfortunately on those occasions, my initial enthusiasm slowly started to dissipate and before I knew it, I had returned to my negative, unproductive habits. Was this time going to be different? Who knew?

Around the middle of 2012 I actively started searching for a business coach. I made contact with several here in Perth as well as one in the USA; however I made no commitment to any of them. In July of 2012, I attended a training day for my business group. Maria happened to be there and gave a 5 minute speech explaining her approach to coaching that made me smile. “Wow” I thought, as the above mentioned Buddha Proverb occurred to me.

Our first session together was on the 17th of August 2012. My initial motivation was to improve my business and increase the amount of money I was earning. It happened. I can say that my income increased by over 30% in the ensuing financial year. It was my best year ever!

As time went on, the focus moved away from my business on to more about living a complete life. Maria was able to help me decide what is important to me and focus on those things in life that will bring me happiness. Through her personality profiling, she also helped to decipher why I do the things I do which gave me the stark realisation that even my perceived strong points, such as my determination and newfound discipline, can be weaknesses if applied in excess. The key to a happy life for me is Balance, something I continue to work on achieving daily.

As I write this in August 2013, Maria and I are still working together and my journey of fulfillment that started some 18 months ago is still going strong. I thank Maria for this and look forward to the next 10 years of my life with untempered excitement.

I whole-heartedly recommend Maria Ramsay to anybody looking to improve their business and their lives.

Darren Green, Principal – The Mortgage Gallery (Byford)