Ways to Use Text

Posted on Jul 16, 2015

Text is a very useful tool in your business, especially for that all important communication with clients.

Here are some key ways to use it:

–  Sending someone a text on their birthday is a lovely way to touch base and make someone’s day special. It’s much more personal than an email and makes it easy for them to respond to you. There are also plenty of other celebratory reasons to use this approach, such as awards, milestones, anniversaries, upcoming events etc.

–  An email is more suitable when there is documentation and compliance issues to cover, however, for simple updates think about using texts. It will allow you to update your clients quickly and prevent extra calls about the status of their order (as well as make it easy for them to respond to you with any further queries).

–  Sometimes schedules can get mixed up or an appointment is missed in the calendar, so it’s good practice to text confirmation of every meeting about an hour before (or even the day before). Texting prior to the meeting ensures you don’t waste time turning up to an appointment that has been missed and can reorganise your day accordingly.

–  When circumstances delay your timely attendance at a meeting, then a simple text can let the person know you’re on your way and apologise for the delay. If the delay is going to be lengthy it’s also a good way to touch base about rescheduling.

–  It can be easy for your emails to get lost amongst the pile of emails that land in people’s inboxes every day. However, if you need to alert someone to something you’ve sent (or require a quick response) then a text can be a good way to bypass the inbox. Additionally if you are waiting on a response, it can also be a good way to check in after a couple of days, ask if they have received the information and if they have any questions.

–  When you’ve sent something to a new email or mailing address it can be good practice to confirm this via text (so they can look out for it and let you know if it doesn’t arrive).

–  If you’re trying to get hold of someone via phone but aren’t sure that the message was passed on or recorded properly, then it can be a good idea to back up your phone message with a text. This could be useful when the message service cuts you off, it’s a “voice to text” message or you leave the message with someone else. It’s particularly helpful when you’re trying to get hold of someone urgently.

–  After a discussion with someone you may think of something extra to tell them. If it’s straightforward information then a text can update them quickly (especially if you keep missing each other via phone). It will also get this little job off your to do list!

–  Need to be prompted to do something? Then ask someone to send you a text about it when it needs to happen (or when you need a reminder). Having a message pop up for you may be all that you need to get something done.

Text can be perfect for making quick personal contact with someone, it doesn’t interrupt people’s days like a phone call, or is as lengthy or formal as an email. In situations like the above it can save you time and facilitate an effective dialogue with your clients and business partners. Don’t overlook this little tool in your business – make the most of it and let it work hard for you!