What If They Don’t Like Me?

Posted on Feb 28, 2017
What If They Don’t Like Me?

If you’re on social media then you’re probably taking notice of whether people like or comment on your posts. It can be wonderful to receive a lot of responses and equally it can leave you feeling a little deflated when you don’t. This is why it’s important to keep a balanced perspective so that you don’t get discouraged from sharing with people or (if you’re a business) using it to promote your products or services. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Not everyone wants to share

Social media is a very public place, so some people may not like or comment on your posts simply because they don’t want to share their thoughts with others (or prefer to remain unseen). I’m sure you’ve already noticed that there are certain people who like and comment all the time and others who don’t. However, just because people don’t like or comment on a post it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t read or appreciate what you have to say.

Not everyone feels confident sharing

Even if someone really likes your post (and wants to comment) their concerns about how others may respond to their comments may prevent them. This could be because they’re not sure how to best articulate their thoughts, they believe others are not interested in what they have to say or there’s just not enough space to cover everything they would like to say. Again the fact that they don’t comment doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t appreciate what you have to say.

Not everyone’s image will match your post

When we like or comment on a post it reveals something about us (personally or as a business) and if a post isn’t a match to the image we wish to present to the world then we may not like or comment on it (even when we appreciate it). I’m sure you’ve already noticed that some of your followers (personal or business) will always like certain types of posts which is why it’s a good idea (if you’re a business) to have a range of posts that appeal to different people (as well as helping to show a more complete picture of who you are).

Not everyone appreciates what you have to say

When we put ourselves out in the social media space we need to acknowledge that some people will find our posts appealing and others won’t – which is perfectly okay! Concentrate instead on connecting with the people who like what you have to say (or offer as a business) and don’t be too concerned when people don’t like, comment or follow you, it’s all part of the process of finding the people that do appreciate you. And if you’re a business then this process will also help you define your target market.

Not everyone is on social media all the time

Some people check social media constantly, others only when they have something to post, others periodically and some never check it. Therefore just because you have connections or followers it doesn’t mean that every one of them will see your posts every time. They may simply have missed your post. The way social media orders newsfeeds can also impact on how much or how little your posts appear for someone and therefore their opportunity to respond.

Not everyone wants to share what they’re doing in their newsfeed

Some people are very conscious of how much they like or comment because they know it shows up on the newsfeeds of the people they’re connected with. In which case they may ration how many posts they respond to in an effort to reduce the amount of activity that appears on their connection’s pages. You may find as a result that some connections will only like your posts periodically (even if they personally like what you have to say every time).

It can take a lot of courage to post something and it can sometimes feel like nobody appreciates what you have to say (when there are very few likes or comments).

If you’re a business it makes good sense to track likes and comments to work out what resonates most with your audience (and improve your chances of new business opportunities) however, it’s still important to keep the above factors in mind as they will also impact on your results. Remember too that social media is simply a tool we use, rather than being a complete measure of our value as a business or (more importantly) as a person. Experiment with it, use it, but above all just have fun with it!

Photo credit: iStock.com/NicoElNino