What Your Clients Want

Posted on Apr 9, 2014

It can be very easy to assume what we should offer our clients and yet the answer to being successful in business, is to truly understand what our clients want.

And before you think you already know the answer to this, do a quick check of the below:

What do you offer that’s valuable? Sometimes the products or services we are most proud of, are not valued by our clients in the same way. And something we may not consider as being particularly valuable, is highly valued. Pay attention to which products and services are being used regularly and ask your clients what they value and what they’d like more of (either face to face or in a survey).

Are your add on services really necessary? Be careful of adding extra items that your clients may not need or want. Again, it’s important to seek feedback – don’t give yourself extra work or cost if an item isn’t working to promote your business or retain clients.

Is your communication plan effective? Finding a balance between too often and not enough can be tricky, but the key thing is to make sure your communications continue to be valuable to your clients. We can now measure who opens what and what links are clicked in electronic communications, which are good clues to what your clients are finding valuable. Avoid sending generic information as much as possible and ask yourself whether you would appreciate receiving it (before you hit the send button).

Do you over-service in one area and under-service in another? Again this is about understanding what your clients need and want. Think about why they came to you in the first place and focus your attention on providing it fully, rather than pouring your efforts into additional services they may not value.

Do you provide a consistent service? Remember that clients are coming to you for a specific product or service and they expect you to provide it in a timely manner and manage them through the process proactively (so they don’t have to chase you with questions). Never assume that your client knows what is going to happen next and remember that it’s your responsibility to not only provide a product or service but also to effectively manage the process from start to finish.

Use the above questions periodically to reassess your business (especially when you introduce new products or services) and you will stay in touch with the valuable people who support your business.