Why You Should Email Yourself

Posted on Oct 7, 2013

This may seem a strange thing to suggest, but emailing yourself is a useful way to monitor your business image.

Most of us now use group emails to send newsletters, provide useful information and promote new products and services. As this is often done via an automated CRM system or even by a third party you may not always know:

  • when and if your communications have gone out
  • how the email looks when it arrives in your client’s inbox (as sometimes formatting, colours etc can change on different mail services)
  • if the web links still work and how long they take to open up (there’s nothing more frustrating than a link which takes forever to load!).

However, if you add yourself to your mailing list you can check all of these items and address any issues.

You may like to take this a step further and email it to yourself first (prior to sending). Make sure you send it to both your work and personal email addresses, to see how it looks on different email services (or ask a friend to check it for you) and double-check spelling, grammar and formatting as they can influence how your business is perceived.

Adding yourself to your mailing list is a simple little tip which will help you manage the image you are creating with your client communications – make sure you do it today.